LA Stand Up Comedy Festival June 22nd & 23rd 2019

A whole weekend, over 8hrs each day in a 300 seat theater in Hollywood featuring Improv, a Comedy Shorts Film Festival and Stand Up Comedy Shows! Red Carpet & Awards, Expert Panels, Workshops, Food, Drinks and Music.  See all the LA talent under one roof with LA's hottest comedians.


June 22nd Saturday

2 pm Registration & opening ceremonies with kid stand up comedian Serenity Falcon                                                                                           

2:15 pm - 3 pm Workshop with Rick Overton (Improv for Actors/Mockumentary, see yourself on the movie screen in the theater with direction from Rick Overton, going to be fascinating, learn all the nuances as a comedy actor along the lines of Christopher Guest style of movies) 


2:30-3:30pm Intro to Standup Comedy Workshop with Ed Galvez
Ed Galvez has been teaching stand up comedy for 11 years and is an actor and writer also known for Amigo Undead (2015) Brand New Old Love (2018) and History of the Joke (2008). Ed has been doing comedy since moving to LA in the summer of 1998. Ed got his start studying at UCB, IO West and Second City. His introduction to Standup Comedy Classes has help a lot of people. grow in the industry.                                                

3:15 pm- 4 pm Expert Panel featuring Naela K Duranni (Casting Director from America's Got Talent), Stephen Alan Green (Comedy Writer, Producer & Comedian for & UK/USA Comedy London comedy scene, responsible for introducing many American acts to the British circuit, writer for Jay Leno, Arsenio Hall & many more, Micheal Colyar, actor, comedian, entertainer, voiceover artist, television/radio personality, and author.                                                     

4:30 pm- 5:15pm Featuring Improv Duo Frangela 


5.45 pm- 7.00 pm Saturday Comedy Film Festival Movie Screenings with Jeff Rector

We Have Your Wife - Jim Ford
Fairfax File - Steven Lolli
Pope Cop - Dennis Hurley
The Moonshine Boys - James Alario
The Man Code - Derrick Shaw
Critically Ashamed - Franca Paschen
I am Seth Rogen - with Scott Carpenter
Dial M for Morons - Melissa Harkness
Following - Fletcher Cowan


6:30pm-10:30pm Stand Up Podcast Comedy All Star & Stand Up Youtube Comedy Celebs hosted by Speedy.

6.30-8pm Christine Kuehl -  Keon Polee - Willie Simon - Nica -  Paul Green - Just Teresa - Steven

Alan Green -  Mike Tully - Adrian Doughty - Shayna Ross.

8-9:30pm  Scott Cavanaugh - Carlisle Forrester - Sherwin Arae - Greg Buckman - Annie McKnight

- Esau McGraw - Greg Dean - Amy Ashton - Henry Coleman - Jamal Doman -  Amy Ashton

9:30pm  Al Tooma - Buddy Lewis - David Raibon - Mel Austin - Mark Prince - Rick Overton

- Frazier Smith - Derrick Ellis


                                                    June 23rd Sunday

 2 pm Registration

2 pm-3 pm Joke Writing Workshop with Greg Dean
Greg Dean is a Comedy Giant. His Standup Comedy workshop is well known and appreciated by people in the industry. Greg has been a comedy icon for 30 years amidst a successful comedy career (Saturday Night Live, The Comedy Store) A comedy instructor of a mega proportion.

2:15-3:15pm Comedy Podcasts with Matt Rosamoto


3:15 pm- 4:15 pm Comedy Film Festival Sunday Movie Screenings 

Someone You Know
Strange Clowns
Christmas Gift
Its Been Too Long
Babe Boss
Get Your Gonads
Bad Tenant
Sentimental Bondage
A Geek walks into a Bar

 4:30 pm-5:30 pm Featuring Improv with Jeff Michalski plus Jane Morris All Girl Improv Troupe 


 6:00 pm-9:30 pm Stand Up Comedy hosted by Speedy

6;30pm - 8pm Mia Mars - Dwight Beverly - Al Dipmore - Ron Ripley - Gracie Armijo - Mel Austin

- Tito Flores - Trevor Keveloh - Ed Galvez - Steven Lolli -  Joe El Cholo - . Stoner Rob

8-9:30pm Christine Kuehl - Mark Brazill - Narcizo Gonzalez - Pinche Peter Loiza - Juan Cias

- Joshua Higuera - Camilla Cleese - Mark Prince - Jeff Michalski - David Raibon - Jeff Garcia  - Eric Blake - Shang

 9:45 pm-10:30 pm Red Carpet & Awards:  Includes Tribute to past Performers of Mixed Nuts Comedy Club Kevin Hart, Chelsea Handler, etc.

Come and see the hottest LA comedians in Hollywood. There is truly something for everyone. 

**Food and Beverages will be available for all in the garden pavilion and the theater Bar area**

A 2-day event highlighting all you need to know about the business of Comedy. From how to start a career in comedy to how to get stage time, make a mockumentary, how to write, perform, direct your own standup showcase, improv, sitcom and a comedy shorts Film Festival .  features lots of fun, laughs, workshops, networking, meet & greet, comedy shows, comedy films, awards

comedians 16

Barnsdall Theater, 4800 Hollywood Bl, CA 90027


A Tribute to Past Performers @ Mixed Nuts Comedy Club

Thanks to our Sponsors

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